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Terms and Conditions

Optional Coverage: CDW Waiver is optional if the customer provides written proof of coverage presented at the counter at the time of rental. If the client has own damage coverage then he will be responsible for the total value of the vehicle. The security deposit on your card will be from USD1,500.00 to USD3,500.00.

The purchase of the CDW reduces the liability from USD250.00 to USD3,500.00, depending on the vehicle model in case of accident, fire or theft of the Moderca vehicle. As long as the client complies with the terms and conditions of the agreement. Theft Protection (TP) is included in CDW. If CDW is denied and the rental suffers a loss due to damage or theft, the renter may be liable up to the full replacement value of the vehicle.

**NOTE: Some credit cards offer insurance coverage, with certain limitations, as a benefit of using the card to rent vehicles. Renter is advised to contact credit card company prior to rental and obtain written proof on official letterhead that they will specifically extend CDW coverage. This letter must be presented at the counter at the time of rental. Waivers must be discussed directly with the agent on site upon arrival.

Thefts that occur due to negligence of the client (not locking the vehicle or not securing the keys). Damages caused by, (Drunk driving, reckless driving, improper fuel handling, driving off the beaten track, violating local laws or traffic regulations, and other situations where you fail to comply with the terms of the car rental agreement -Damage to the car caused by natural disasters, acts of war and terrorist attacks) are not covered. If additional protection coverage is required to reduce/eliminate the insurance deductible, please inquire at the Moderca Rent a Car counter when you pick up your car. In all cases, customers must file a police report and describe exactly how the event occurred, in any incident to qualify for coverage. Otherwise, the coverage will be inactive and the client will have to pay the full amount of the damage. The damage shown on the device should match what is described in the log.

Note: The CDW liability reduction only covers moving object accidents.

The client can request additional information about the services, conditions and acceptance at the time of rental.

Loss of Use – Covers the time the vehicle is repaired when the location is unable to rent the vehicle. The client must consult with the counter the prices and additional details at the end of the purchase.

Civil liability and material damage: The civil liability insurance complies with the insurance laws of the country. The client can consult additional information on services, conditions and acceptance at the time of rental. It is mandatory to pay for this coverage.

Credit card policies: Moderca Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic accepts credit cards, American Express, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Discover Card, Mastercard, Visa. An additional payment card hold will apply. The location will retain a minimum of $250.00 as an estimated rental fee as a guarantee or retention, depending on the type of vehicle and the days of rental. If the customer declines CDW, we withhold an additional $1,500.00 for economy to compact SUVs or an additional $3,500.00 for all other car groups. Note: Credit cards without embossed numbers are not accepted in the Dominican Republic without the purchase of CDW - Collision Damage Waiver, Loss Damage Waiver. See CDW coverage information for more details.

Deposit / local pre-authorization
In general, we will charge your credit card with a pre-authorization for the amount of the deposit of your rental vehicle. The deposit is an amount that is withheld from your credit card for guarantee purposes. It will be released in full unless there are unforeseen charges arising from, for example, traffic fines, damage to the vehicle, returning the car with less fuel than agreed or needing additional cleaning. If one of charges occurs, we are duly authorized to debit your bail charges front your card. Remember that the amount of the deposit shown does not usually include the cost of the rental.

Payment Policies: In Moderca we accept all means of payment, our discount program applies with certain conditions, always ask at the counter for discounts.

Debit Card Policies: Debit cards are only accepted for payments, it is not recommended for deposit or hold as it takes a long time to release such a transaction.

Cancellation policy: With Moderca you can cancel your reservation without any charge, within 24 hours after picking up your car at our premises.

Driver's license: A valid driver's license from the country of residence is required. Foreign renters must also present their valid passport in the name of the driver. The International Driving Permit (IDP) is required only for countries that do not have a Roman alphabet to serve as a translation.

Return Policy: We do not make a refund if the vehicle is returned before the scheduled date.

More information:

Reservations are respected:

For 8 hours in low season (April 1 to July 14 and September 1 to November 19)
For 6 hours in Medium Season (July 15 to August 31 and November 20 to December 15)
For 2 hours in high season (December 16 to March 31)
In case of delay, the client must call Moderca and advise of the new approximate time of arrival to maintain the reservation.

Age requirements: At Moderca Rent a Car, the minimum age is 25 years for all vehicle groups. The maximum age is 75 years for all vehicle groups. A lower rate will apply to drivers between the ages of 18 and 24. Cost: $5.00 per day, subject to tax.

NOTE: The minimum age for vehicle groups G, L, H, X, M, E, N and K is 25 years for all renters.

Fuel policy: equal full by equal tank.